Marester was born from an idea of Nazzareno Cesauri who, after an experience in marble processing, with a good dose of eclecticism thought of an artisan workshop for the production of leather garments.

Thus, in the mid-1970s, among the wonderful hills of the Marche region, in Sassoferrato, he founded Marester, which today specializes in reversible garments not only in leather, but also in sheepskin, fur and cashmere.

In a few years, the company moved from a 100 m2 laboratory to a production structure of 3000 m2., where it creates everything internally with a team of stylists, model makers and expert craftswomen. The company always aims at fashion a product with a strong Italian identity. Thanks to craftsmanship, sartorial care and details, the brand has established itself on the main international markets. The forty-year family tradition gives strength and value to our garments, constituting a solid basis for grasping the developments of craftsmanship in Made in Italy fashion.